Piugus Island in Anambas Regency, Riau Islands - Indonesia

Not all travelers have heard about Piugus Island of Anambas Archipelago. Well, they should visit it someday in order to get new experience and spend beautiful holidays with families. Piugus is located near to Matak Island, which takes only 45 minutes from there. The island is known for its underwater scenery and corals. That means visitors are likely to enjoy water sports like swimming, snorkeling, and diving once they get to the island. Aside from these, Piugus is suitable for photography and relaxation. Thus, regardless of the purpose, everyone should include Piugus in their list of vacation destinations when visiting Anambas.

The Nuance
Despite the small size, Piugus Island has satisfying facilities and accommodations. For instance, tourists can find restaurants and inns easily. That means they can spend more than one day here, especially for those who want to conduct a honeymoon and family recreation. Aside from those facilities, tourists can also find many types of water sports facilities for enjoying snorkeling and diving. As for the nuance, the island is indeed charming, featuring lush coconut trees and blue Tosca seawater. On top of that, many big corals and gorgonians reside these (being the home various types of marine creatures.

Exploring Piugus Island
Piugus Island is known for its complete beauty of the coastline. That means tourists can find various beautiful objects there. These include crystal clear blue seawater, soft-textured sand, coral reefs, and lush trees. On top of that, the wind blows calmly and soothes everyone’s feeling. With these features, the island becomes a nice place for lessening and getting away from daily routines. This explains why most visitors come from big cities like Jakarta, Aceh, Pekanbaru, etc.

The island is also popular for its underwater beauty. Due to this fact, visitors can enjoy snorkeling well. The thing is that they need to prepare the equipment beforehand, as no facilities are available to rent the snorkeling gear. During the underwater exploration, they may encounter beautiful corals, various species of fishes, gorgonians, and other marine creatures. Have no worries. The visibility is excellent and the water is warm! For beginners, though, they should consider hiring an instructor or guide while diving.

After enjoying snorkeling, tourists should never miss witnessing stunning sunset in the afternoon. It becomes the perfect moment to capture beautiful pictures of nature, as well. Later, at night, the last thing to do is to enjoy delicious seafood and lit a bonfire on the beach. Make sure not to spoil the nature, though. Littering is indeed prohibited! As for the accommodation, visitors can rent a room at Piugus Resort.

Nearby Attractions

  • Matak Island
  • Mubur Island

How to Get There
From the capital of Anambas Regency, tourists should get a boat at Tarempa Port first. From there, they need to head to the first to Matak Island, which takes around 2 hours. From Matak, they can get a speedboat and go to Piugus Island right away. This may take about 45 minutes, actually.

Where to Stay
Piugus Resort

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